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Dogs and Chelada

Hello to all my readers, (I hope there's more than me, the dogs and the guy proofing this!) (I Mumble when I type)...

I wanted to share a couple thoughts with you with my second blog ever and also on the eve of the big Chef Competition at the Westin as part of the Denver International Wine Festival.

The first being I'm a little excited, but confident enough to know that I'm not looking to win a prize but to only win over the attendees with my great food.. my elk and Bison Meatball was pretty amazing and my "Chelada" style ceviche turned out beyond words. PS: check out my instagram and twitter accounts for some food experiment pics before the big event if you have a chance to attend please stop and introduce yourself.. and to all the other competitors good luck..

Also as I had time to wind down and take my dogs for a walk in the park..see pics..

Darla is the brown lady, she's 10 and been with us for about seven years, She was a

rescue & Waldo is the black puppy we got him about 8 months ago from a shelter. While Darla is a pure shih tzu, Waldo is a shih tzu Javanese mix..they are named after the little rascals, Darla was always the eye of everyone's attention and Waldo is like all the boys who follow her every move ...

So as I was walking them in the park I took notice of the chilly weather and all the leaves on the ground and for the first time realized it's November and the holidays are getting ready to ramp up..

I wanted to let you all know that I am taking Thanksgiving and Christmas event reservations for this Holiday season.

I can provide all you holiday needs from turkeys,hams, roast beef,a variety of sides and desserts to full service appetizer Christmas Parties. Check out my websites and please leave your party information and we can custom create all your holiday needs..

Thanks for taking the time to read this and meet my dogs and I hope to hear from you soon... thanks and here's to awesome food and adventure..

Chef Joe Joseph A. Antosiak Owner/Executive Chef

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